Axiom Electric Guitars are here!

Author: David Hines  

They've arrived! Our eagerly anticipated range of electric guitars has landed and we are so impressed with the quality. The finish, the hardware, the pickups - everything is superb. And the prices are amazing!

The first Axiom electric guitars saw the light of day back in the early nineties. Back then the US Space Shuttle program was in full swing and we named our guitars after some of the most fanous shuttles - Challenger, Columbia and Defender. Our new range has carried on this tradition using the same names.

The Challenger is a traditionally shaped electric with two humbucking pickups and a fixed tailpiece. Available in Black, Red and a stunning Sunburst Finish. The Columbia is our hollow body jazz guitar. With a hanging tailpiece and vintage style pickups it is ideal for jazz, blues and rockabilly. The sunburst finish is lovely but the natural version is to die for! And finally the Defender Bass, a modern shaped bass with twin pickups and a slimline neck.

Check out the range today!

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