Axiom Ukuleles Top sellers!

Author: David Hines  

We are selling so many Axiom Ukuleles and the quality is making players happy! The Ukulele boom shows no signs of slowing down, with clubs springing up all over Australia. There are plenty of budget priced Ukes out there, but how do you choose the right one for your needs? Whilst it's tempting to buy a $25 instrument from a mass merchant we'd like to suggest you consider a quality Axiom instrument starting from just a few dollars more.

All our ukuleles feature the best quality tonewoods for rich, bright tones. The tuning heads are precise geared tuners which will keep the strings in tune. And speaking of strings, all Axiom Ukes come with Italian AQUILA strings, voted by players the worls over as the very best Ukulele strings available.

So take a moment to check out the range of Axiom Ukuleles - Starting from just $49.95 and with our now famous 2 YEAR WARRANTY.


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